Versus the Double A

Published October 27, 2012 by renesha90

Probably two of the most estimated smartphone of this year belongs into one of the two categories as an Android and IOS, it was surprising to see that when the Samsung Galaxy SIII was launched in Malaysia the bee line that people would make just to get their hands on the phone can compete with that of Apple when the launched the Iphone 4S. However, Apple has since release its answer to the Samsung Galaxy SIII with the new Iphone 5 which is yet to be launched in Malaysia. However, it is rather shocking isn’t it? Since the start of the smartphone war, the Iphone seemed to be a runaway winner, and many other smartphones competitor just could not compete with it or pose much of threat to it. Well, it would remain that way unless one who has already read the article ‘Google’s Open Source Android OS will Free the Wireless Web’ by Daniel Roth will get a much better insight as to how can Android pose so much of a threat to the IOS as well as many other brand OS.

Google has come a long way from being a simple search engine to one of the most widely used search engine today. And now Google brings the Android OS, partnered together with many well know mobile phone brands and carriers they created and OS which is OPEN. Yes, the Android OS is open source software which means the source code of the Android can be obtained and modified by people. This is what Google want the people to do.

Let’s take a step back into the past and look at smartphones, previously before the smartphone war Nokia was the crown king of the mobile phone industry and it was also was the first to have its own smartphone that ran own their very own OS, the Symbian OS, over time more and more smartphones came into the picture but there was one small problem, none of them could actually really satisfy the user when it comes to browsing the net, complaints comes pouring in about the poor performance of the smartphone but no one bother to up the ante, not until Apple came in with their IOS and very much over thrown Nokia from its comfortable throne.

The Iphone and its IOS were praised for its cutting edge and high tech advancement and I would agree to that, because i felt that the Iphone really set the bar for what a smartphone should be like. However, the Iphone was never completely user friendly, despite it superb capabilities, this smartphone comes out as a snobbish selfish phone that only seeks to attain to the like of themselves only and never bothering with the others (other phone brands). But what was severely lacking in the Iphone was the personalization bit, in this day and age, we love to personalize our things but no, Mr Jobs won’t have that and made the Iphone pretty unable to customize at all in fear that their OS source code would be leaked out.

Android on the other just screams customize all you want, take my source code and make me better please! There are just so much possibilities with the Android. Fine if one isn’t too into the technical area Android has the ability to allow you to customize and personalize your home screen, re-size widgets etc. The possibilities are unless and probably this is also the reason why many well known phone brands are willing to partner with Google to allow its Android OS to use on all their phones. I myself am privilege to be using an Android as well and the OS just keeps getting better and better every time.

My take on this whole smartphone war and the Apple and Google war is that people today are always on the go now and they need something light and something the can use while really on the move. Mobile networking is definitely in the works already and we are beginning to see that around us. Thus, it all comes down to the OS, how far can it go to keep the users satisfy, user satisfaction is what both Apple and Google are trying to achieve that, users now want more and more things thus it depends on how can both these giants can keep up to please their users.


3 comments on “Versus the Double A

  • I agree, the iPhone and its IOS system is not ‘completely user friendly’, despite it superb capabilities, the Apple smartphone and its closed devices concept, gives control over to the Apple Company, where the company assumes control over the entire device, giving less freedom to how the user may, use or customize their phone to their own liking. While Android on the other hand enable users to access the codes, and give them the power to run just about any application that is available in the web without restrictions. Thus these different operating systems affects the way people use or can the mobile net, with whatever kind of smartphone they use, be it an iPhone or an Android smartphone, and the functions or applications that is available or can be available on their smartphone. – commented by Ram Peow Loong Naidu.

  • One of the advantages of Android is definitely the open source software that allows independent application markets and customization. Many of the mobile users today like to customize their phone, Android is providing this advantage. The introduction of Apple does create a bust throughout the world, but as the Android is getting stronger in the market, Android sales are far better than Apple in year 2011 in Southern Europe ( Price would be another factor of affecting the sales as well, Android phone are cheaper than Apple phone. Whenever Apple launch a new phone, the phone definitely cost at least 2k. Not everyone could afford the price that’s the reason why Android sales is getting better.

  • It is very important for technology gadget to be user- friendly in order to make our life easier. I can see some people are shifting from Apple to Android. Is it because Apple is not user-friendly or there is other issue which make people do such changes? Or people just follow trend? In other ways, Android could have brighter future compare with Apple because Android OS is getting stable compare with Apple.

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