Media convergence in today society

Published September 20, 2012 by renesha90

Today’s technology has given us the chance to lead a better and more comfortable life. Relating to the past, everything was different as each object has its own specific purpose but not today. According to this week’s article on convergence, among the issues discuss was on cell phones becoming a multi-functional tool than just simply being the normal usual phones. In relation to the issue of convergence, the cell phone or hand phone is one of the major tool which has evolved to further delight the lives of people for example, reading news, social networking, instant messaging, text messaging, e-mailing, calling, taking a picture, capturing a video footage, all could be done through one device which is the cell phone, hand phone or mobile phone. One of the many reasons for convergence to take place is due to the fact of the fast phase of working life in each and every individual today in the society. Work has to be done efficiently, and a need for people is to have all the functions a computer has, and could slip into the pockets of individuals. Thus, the cell phone industry such as Sony, Nokia, Apple, Samsung, and many others has given the platform for the people to have access to such variables using their mobile phone services platform.

The problem arises, when the term of a specific tool becomes non specific anymore. According to the readings on Worship at the Altar of Convergence, it mentions on the particular specific products such as Hand Phone. Example, I want to buy a phone which only has the function to call and nothing else such as the classical old house telephone, but most stores today are not selling a single function mobile phone which sorts of distort the usage term of telephones. It has become multi-functional, even looking at the computers or laptops today, the internet service has provided the laptops or computers to work the same as the modern mobile phone today in society. A computer can now call, draw; take pictures, video conference and many more similarly to the hand phone. This could make life convenient but the fact remains that objects are becoming less specific but in a broader sense of view of perception. One major reason is as stated in the above, this can be an issue to consumers in the future, if everything starts to become multi-functional and these multi-function tools are as good as any others multi-functional tool out in the market, for example, imagine you are buying a camera, but the camera also comes with other functions such as calling, internet surfing and other multi functional tools. Thus walking into the store asking the store manager, ‘Hey, I want to buy that camera’ but it turns out actually to be a gaming console, with camera and much other functionality. It would come to distort the meaning of phone, camera, computer, or any other apparatus.

In short, certain tools should remain specifically for specific purpose I believe, if not every meaning to the word will become a clouded term looking into that sense, though it may make living life more comfortable where everything is in one, the specific usage of certain tools may lose appreciation


4 comments on “Media convergence in today society

  • Agree with what u said, work has to be done efficiently. For many people in the society today, time is money. Media convergence brought a lot of advantages to our life. As a student, it allows us to do our assignment faster. For instance, we have to tweet weekly regarding the topic we chose. With a cell phone, we can do it anywhere and anytime with internet. Same goes to assignment, things can be done by using an ipad. Besides, it is very convenient to people who always work outstation as well. They could not bring a laptop with them 24/7, but they could bring their phone everywhere. They can check their email instantly and do their work faster. The convergence of media makes our life easier.

  • I agree work has to be done efficiently. To many people, time is money. Media convergence brought a lot of advantages to our life. As a student, it allows us to do our assignment faster. For example, we have to write blogs, make comments and tweet weekly regarding the topic we chose and on what other people have done. The convergence of media and technologies is makes our life easier. Cell phones are now becoming multi-functional tools rather than just simply being phones. For example, with modern smartphone like the iPhone, we can all this at anyplace, at any time, thanks to the internet apps on it. Things can also be done by using an iPad, like assignments. Besides, it is very convenient to people who always work outstation as well. Rather than bringing a much bigger and heavier laptop all-around with them, they could just bring their phones and check their email instantly and do their work faster. – Commented by Ram Peow Loong Naidu.

  • In my opinion, media convergence is like we are creating more ‘all-in-one’ package. We no need spend more money to buy more devices which can allow us to conduct more activities. Everything can be done in one device. Just like iPhone, we can use it to surf internet, check e-mail, check social networking, Siri, whatsapp, Face Time, navigator and etc.

    But think carefully, media convergence is really creating a big effect to kids. Nowadays kids with 3-4 years old know how to play iPad whereas our great old days was only barbie dolls or handmade art craft.

  • Like what you mentioned, many things are now have multi-function. We can do anything with smart phones anywhere in any time. Other than smart phones and laptop, even camera now have multi-function. As you can see from the video below, it is a smart camera that can support wifi. As long as you are in Wifi zone, You can just snap pictures and share it on social networking or send it to anyone on the spot. See how advance the technology is. Even now camera can support wifi. Who knows in the future, we can use camera to send message or update pictures in Instagram.

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