Information Ecology: Cultures and The Nature of Networks

Published August 29, 2012 by renesha90

Many of us will be scratching our head when ask about the history of computing. In 1900 computing was a career, the person who is tabloid numbers and information was called computer. Where else in World War2, was creating massive building size computer to figure out the enemies’ action to save the world. In the late 60’s till today we can see it has grown all the way like a wall. The idea was to create desktop computer for individual user. Today we have passed over 1 billion internet users and soon it is 1 trillion and etc. Computing is not in the computer but it’s all around us today. People are in the information. It creates a whole new industry.

Based on the journal “Open Cultures and The Nature of Networks” by Felix Stalder, the author was trying to stress that joined atmosphere (network) which is connected to information and its call nodes.  It’s a district build through the computer.  Nodes are combination of information from different sources. Its new things are introduced beyond borders. The information is free of charge and faster.

Fundamental points of Information Ecology


Nodes are like human beings there are organized with one another. Each node is connected to another node which creates a network. Computer can be a node and other device such as scanner, printer etc. Without the flow and nodes coming together there be no information flowing.


New flows of information can change everything (Postman, 1992). The interdependence of the nodes means that information can travel through the whole environment and, according to the way it is reshaped in each node, it grows or decreases in importance and speed. It simply tells us that things will change the years and we have accepted it and change for that reason. New flows can change in a good perceptive or vice versa. At the end of the day the end user has the control on how to shape it.

Time boundless

Various types of social networks are rapidly increasing in numbers such as twitter and Facebook. For example celebrities gave a new life twitter on wanting their fans to follow them. As a result , time is no more a factor in the ecological community because information is moving as quickly as human are.


In the article Stadler mention that, the difference between the node and the flow and among the nodes, is the basis upon which the flows are redirected, new connections are established and old ones maintained. Nodes are struggling and developing just like we struggling to keep ourselves update with the current trend. For example, we do not even know what Facebook is few years ago, but now we are well verse with it and even a day without facebook we feel we are backdated or left behind. Same goes with nodes they form a network to spread their information and later move on to another and another. It goes on like a cycle. We have to be careful because sometimes once a new context is established the old context be destroyed and we be empowered by it.

In a nutshell, the question is often ask, what is the beauty of internet? We can be any part of the world and at any time sharing information across the globe without actually being there. With the help of internet as a degree student we can get our group assignment done online instant of meeting up face to face with our group member.


One comment on “Information Ecology: Cultures and The Nature of Networks

  • Internet enable us to share information, keep in touch and so on with people all around the world without seeing them. This is so useful to society today because many people study and working abroad. Without the existence of internet, everything will be so difficult to achieve. Internet allows us up to date all the time as well with all the social networking sites, online news and so on. Besides, as what you mentioned, internet allows us to do our assignment online. I think this is very convenient for the students. I always discuss assignment with my group members through email or creating group in facebook and have discussion there. Internet bring a lot of advantages to our life.

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