Versus the Double A

Published October 27, 2012 by renesha90

Probably two of the most estimated smartphone of this year belongs into one of the two categories as an Android and IOS, it was surprising to see that when the Samsung Galaxy SIII was launched in Malaysia the bee line that people would make just to get their hands on the phone can compete with that of Apple when the launched the Iphone 4S. However, Apple has since release its answer to the Samsung Galaxy SIII with the new Iphone 5 which is yet to be launched in Malaysia. However, it is rather shocking isn’t it? Since the start of the smartphone war, the Iphone seemed to be a runaway winner, and many other smartphones competitor just could not compete with it or pose much of threat to it. Well, it would remain that way unless one who has already read the article ‘Google’s Open Source Android OS will Free the Wireless Web’ by Daniel Roth will get a much better insight as to how can Android pose so much of a threat to the IOS as well as many other brand OS.

Google has come a long way from being a simple search engine to one of the most widely used search engine today. And now Google brings the Android OS, partnered together with many well know mobile phone brands and carriers they created and OS which is OPEN. Yes, the Android OS is open source software which means the source code of the Android can be obtained and modified by people. This is what Google want the people to do.

Let’s take a step back into the past and look at smartphones, previously before the smartphone war Nokia was the crown king of the mobile phone industry and it was also was the first to have its own smartphone that ran own their very own OS, the Symbian OS, over time more and more smartphones came into the picture but there was one small problem, none of them could actually really satisfy the user when it comes to browsing the net, complaints comes pouring in about the poor performance of the smartphone but no one bother to up the ante, not until Apple came in with their IOS and very much over thrown Nokia from its comfortable throne.

The Iphone and its IOS were praised for its cutting edge and high tech advancement and I would agree to that, because i felt that the Iphone really set the bar for what a smartphone should be like. However, the Iphone was never completely user friendly, despite it superb capabilities, this smartphone comes out as a snobbish selfish phone that only seeks to attain to the like of themselves only and never bothering with the others (other phone brands). But what was severely lacking in the Iphone was the personalization bit, in this day and age, we love to personalize our things but no, Mr Jobs won’t have that and made the Iphone pretty unable to customize at all in fear that their OS source code would be leaked out.

Android on the other just screams customize all you want, take my source code and make me better please! There are just so much possibilities with the Android. Fine if one isn’t too into the technical area Android has the ability to allow you to customize and personalize your home screen, re-size widgets etc. The possibilities are unless and probably this is also the reason why many well known phone brands are willing to partner with Google to allow its Android OS to use on all their phones. I myself am privilege to be using an Android as well and the OS just keeps getting better and better every time.

My take on this whole smartphone war and the Apple and Google war is that people today are always on the go now and they need something light and something the can use while really on the move. Mobile networking is definitely in the works already and we are beginning to see that around us. Thus, it all comes down to the OS, how far can it go to keep the users satisfy, user satisfaction is what both Apple and Google are trying to achieve that, users now want more and more things thus it depends on how can both these giants can keep up to please their users.


the long tail story

Published October 4, 2012 by renesha90

One may ask what a long tail is; a long tail basically means finding everything and anything for everyone and anyone. Picture this, say five years ago you found an interesting book on the shelf of a local book store but you didn’t have enough money to purchase it, thus you left it there and hope that in a month’s time you will be able to purchase it after saving enough money. Then came the day when you finally saved enough money to purchase the book only to your horror it has been sold out of the publication of the book is unobtainable. Fast forward, five years from then you are surfing the net for books and you came across that interesting book you wanted then and is now made available whilst it was discontinued then. Ultimately, the internet now offer more then just information, indeed it has gone way beyond just providing us text of info, it is now our treasure chest, never knowing what we will come across it just surfing the net.

In the past, whenever we need something, we will have to head down to the local mall to get it and only to be disappointed that the item is sold out, the shop is close for break or close for the day or worst the shop has closed down because you were their only customer. But now, we have online stores they never have excuses to close the store (unless for maintenance) and their items range has more variety then that of a physical store in the mall. Even if they do have an item sold out there’s a chance that you can make a request for them to bring in that item just for you.

In fact, it definitely sounds good the point that we can now most of our entertainment from online stores but there’s a bit of a catch here. Noticed that everything here seems to be going digital? Remember back then when you purchase an item you get to touch it and feel it and not to mention inspect it for defects. An article title Better than Free by Kevin Kelly explains that there are 8 main points that makes digital material valuable.

1. Immediacy
Don’t we all want things fast nowadays? In fact who doesn’t? I can bet right now there is probably and possibly millions of Iphone fans just waiting for any news on the latest soon-to-be release Iphone5, especially the press. Remember when before Iphone4 was release its prototype was stolen in a bar and sold to a blogger who was willing to pay a hefty price for it? All for just to be the first to have the phone and to leak out information about the phone. See? That’s how immediate people are willing to go in the physical world, and in the digital world is no different, when a new block buster movies comes out I can see people asking whether there’s a download for the movie despite the movie being just release in the cinema. Everyone wants to be the first to get something, to try something.

2. Personalization
It seems to be a trend nowadays for people to personalize their belongings, whether is their mobile phones, cars, shoes or room the will personalize to tell the world “Hey this is my!”. And we like that don’t we? Imagine getting an Iphone4 from your parent with your name engrave at the back of it wouldn’t it make your Iphone4 more special than your friends’ Iphone which has no engraving? This isn’t different from online as well, we all personalize our blogs, so that it will look different from others and stand out and hopefully be pleasing enough to attract more readers to your blog.

3. Interpretation
Remember the time your parent bought you a brand new car and you were so excited that you just leap into the car without even bothering with the instruction booklet provided. Reason being is too wordy and we have very short attention span to read while we rather be test driving the new ride right? Same thing for online users, we hate going though the instruction unless it is interactive (hey at least it has audio and some graphics). I remember before buying my current smart phone, I visited their web site and was treated to a fully interactive web site, every bit of explanation was accompanied by some sort of interactivity and that made me wanted to the product even more just cause of the interactivity they added in.

4. Authenticity
Like what i mention above, back then when we used to buy our stuff from the mall we can actually check the items whether they are in good condition or not. And there is a warranty as well so if they are any defects within the time period the item can be replaced. This cannot be said for online then, as there were many cases of fraud and people paying for the goods and not getting it and got their money stolen instead. But today we can say it is safer to shop online now thanks to some well established website such as, etc.

5. Accessibility
one of the best thing about the Internet is its accessibility. We can access to our blog, facebook account anywhere in any given time. Plus, don’t you just hate it when you lose something precious? Well this is rather difficult to happen in the virtual world (provided you have backup) for example i remember my friend accidentally deleted all of her photos in her picture album on her desktop, but fortunately for her she did upload majority of it on her Facebook thus, make it her back up.

6. Embodiment
I remember downloading a much anticipated movie from the internet in blu ray quality and just was I about to watch it on my LCD tv it showed that the file was not readable, it was readable on my laptop but not on the LCD tv. Fortunately the problem can be fixed by converting the file to a readable one for the tv. Somethings are just not as nice to be seen on a 15″ laptop but should be watched on a 42″ LCD tv. This flexibility is very important as people like to have to ability to convert files to fit to their system.

7. Patronage
To what extend of patronage exactly can we expect from the internet? Though it may not be face to face but given the advancement of technology and the internet we can communicate with the creator and the creator can communicate with the fans. Such as in Youtube viewers can comment on the video and sometime the creator would ask for suggestion from the viewers and they can get involve with the user. This type of bonds helps create a better connection between users and creator.

8. Findability
Making your product easy to find will help people to find it easier. As we know the internet is filled with so many things if we are no specific we will get something else. And sometimes people are just too lazy to use the advance search thus relying on normal search. Therefore,  is always better to entitle the product properly so that it will be easy for people to find.

There you go all 8 points for you to consider when moving your stuff to the digital platform. The internet may seem like the future market place but yet again it is as crowded as in the physical world the only thing about this the internet and online shopping is the convenience but we should never forget that about the physical contact we have with the physical world.

Media convergence in today society

Published September 20, 2012 by renesha90

Today’s technology has given us the chance to lead a better and more comfortable life. Relating to the past, everything was different as each object has its own specific purpose but not today. According to this week’s article on convergence, among the issues discuss was on cell phones becoming a multi-functional tool than just simply being the normal usual phones. In relation to the issue of convergence, the cell phone or hand phone is one of the major tool which has evolved to further delight the lives of people for example, reading news, social networking, instant messaging, text messaging, e-mailing, calling, taking a picture, capturing a video footage, all could be done through one device which is the cell phone, hand phone or mobile phone. One of the many reasons for convergence to take place is due to the fact of the fast phase of working life in each and every individual today in the society. Work has to be done efficiently, and a need for people is to have all the functions a computer has, and could slip into the pockets of individuals. Thus, the cell phone industry such as Sony, Nokia, Apple, Samsung, and many others has given the platform for the people to have access to such variables using their mobile phone services platform.

The problem arises, when the term of a specific tool becomes non specific anymore. According to the readings on Worship at the Altar of Convergence, it mentions on the particular specific products such as Hand Phone. Example, I want to buy a phone which only has the function to call and nothing else such as the classical old house telephone, but most stores today are not selling a single function mobile phone which sorts of distort the usage term of telephones. It has become multi-functional, even looking at the computers or laptops today, the internet service has provided the laptops or computers to work the same as the modern mobile phone today in society. A computer can now call, draw; take pictures, video conference and many more similarly to the hand phone. This could make life convenient but the fact remains that objects are becoming less specific but in a broader sense of view of perception. One major reason is as stated in the above, this can be an issue to consumers in the future, if everything starts to become multi-functional and these multi-function tools are as good as any others multi-functional tool out in the market, for example, imagine you are buying a camera, but the camera also comes with other functions such as calling, internet surfing and other multi functional tools. Thus walking into the store asking the store manager, ‘Hey, I want to buy that camera’ but it turns out actually to be a gaming console, with camera and much other functionality. It would come to distort the meaning of phone, camera, computer, or any other apparatus.

In short, certain tools should remain specifically for specific purpose I believe, if not every meaning to the word will become a clouded term looking into that sense, though it may make living life more comfortable where everything is in one, the specific usage of certain tools may lose appreciation

Against the law.

Published September 13, 2012 by renesha90

The reading of this week is based on the topic we learned in class which is Intellectual Property. To begin with, what is Intellectual Property? It is defined that Intellectual Property is a creation and improvement of the mind such as inventions of artistic works, symbols, designs, images and etc. Usually these set of categories are widely recognized by the public. Of course, every person has the greed for themselves and therefore, they will find ways to protect the things that belong to them. This is where the corresponding fields of law applied here that granted the owners a certain exclusive rights to their work. The common and most well known types of Intellectual property rights we were taught in class were copyrights, trademarks, and patents.

Copyright is an exclusive of rights which granted to the owner of their work for a particular period of time to copy and distribute the work. After the time is over, it will become a “public domain” which means that the work is now belongs to the public and everyone has the right to use or recreate the content.  However, there’s a question that I have been wondering. What if the owner of the work wants to pass the copyright rights to their family or relatives? How can that be done? Come to think about it, it is not really fair for the content to be a “public domain” for others to use it freely after the period is over for their own commercial usage purposes. Imagine it was your own piece of work, after much effort and sweat you have put in it, and in the end, it falls into random peoples’ hands and they reuse it freely. The least you could have wanted or asked for is to give you the copyright rights by passing it down to your family members or the person as you wish. Personally I believe there are always the pros and cons in everything. I can’t imagine if we are living in word without copyright laws as well. By knowing that the creation of an individual of their work will not be protected, people are not willing to come out with new ideas and works anymore.

The next type of protection is trademarks. Trademarks differs itself from copyright laws. Trademark is defined as a distinctive sign or logo used by an individual or organizations which it represents the originate from a unique source and distinguish of their product and services from others within the same market. As we all know, if you want to open a franchise of a well known brand, you have to buy the franchise as the right to use of their logo, recipe and etc. Personally, i travel around to gain knowledge from other countries. I know a case from China that there’s a fake Starbucks chain outlets which use the exact Starbuck’s logo, but with a completely different yet sounded familiar name. Many consumers got fall for the scam because they thought it’s THE Starbucks due to the logo, but they neglected the name. Therefore, the fake Starbucks got sued. However, because of this incident, Starbucks value and credibility has also gradually dropped unexpectedly.

Carry on the last protection taught in class is patented rights. It refers to the rights to protect an exclusive invention of an individual for a limited period of time. Such inventions are usually technological and scientifically based. After the limited period of time is over, individuals and organizations will have the right to build or create similar technologies of the similar invention. For example, let’s say an organization who is involved in the anti-aging industry. They are the first to found out and create the formula to stop the genes from aging. Therefore, after they have patented their technology of the invention, if any other organizations among the same industry come out with the same formula that against the patent law and legal actions can be taken by the patented owners.

In conclusion, it came to my attention that with all these copyright laws, it sets a limitation for us to retrieve the range of information. But then again, personally I believe as long as we take and use the works of others for purely academic and personal purposes and not for commercial reasons, it should be just fine and for that, we are far away from breaking the copyright laws.

The Liquid Labour

Published September 6, 2012 by renesha90

The moment we are born, tons of challenges and difficulties that we are bound facing it no matter what and there is no way that everyone can avoid  a “task” if they want to be successful in life is which is call “working”. Everyone work in order to live and enjoy our life even better. Some would make their life even more meaningful with a great family and some men would be a breadwinner to take good care of his family…. it is all the need of working in order to get earnings in order to sustain your life better….but, when you think of your working environment, do you think is great place to work at? or does your company provides you the privilege for instance good facilities for the workers during work or just basically sit on a chair from the moment the work starts until you finish the task for whole day long? How would you think the way you being treated when come to working?

People these days tend to look better offers from companies especially those requires alot of task and flexibility time of working would be added advantage as it is a part of working trend these days. This even reminds me that during the lecture session, we do discussed about Google is one of the best place to work at and some say people that work with Google are one of the luckiest and best opportunity to work with Google. Google workplace contains most of the facilities like Cafes, Beach Volley ball, Pool table, TV cables for watching movies, A bathroom and its NOT TOILET where you can have your sweet shower in the middle of working, gymnasium and many more…. Cool isnt it? Enjoy+Work=Perfect combination. I am sure you do want to sit for the rest of the day facing your computer during working hours or constantly focusing your task until end of the day. It would be stressful as well..and that’s why Google Corporations provides these facilities for their worker to have a better freedom and let them enjoy their leisure activity during working hours. The reason Google implement this concept because they want their workers to enjoy their leisure activities and at the same time serious when comes to work because.when providing best facilities to the workers, they would feel appreciated and work even better.

 Companies  mainly like Google, completely change our way of the new era working style… Forget about those 9-5 jobs, Forget about your nice bath at home, Forget about going back just to watch your favorite movie, can have in these companies anytime you want as long you COMPLETE YOUR WORK!…no worries on the bosses that saw you watching and laughing in front of the TV anymore..! or flirting with some hot chicks in the office because all its yours..!

Mark Deuze claimed that “work and life are increasingly indiscernable in the play of the everyday, the key institutions linking their practices to modernity“. Everything is moving in the fast paced condition these days..even with a single slacking will be left behind lot….working these days is not like we use to listen from our grandparents time where go to market and just setup a stall and start selling…but nowadays, it becoming more competitive and the roles of every task assigned is important for a economy and the company. As a fact, people would work harder in order to get their earnings but at the same time, we have to think forward and modernize the meaning of “working” better. Working is not about seriousness on the job but also there must be some relaxation and fun towards it that will only produces a good quality piece of work… AND the worker’s satisfaction too….Mark Dueze also pointed out that the meaning of Liquid Life. Especially today in the 21st century,  A liquid life as mentioned by Mark Deuze,The Liquid means the work and consumption (life) have converged in to a newer lifestyle.

I can conclude that, with the flexibility of working environment that ties along with leisure and work together, it changes the way of working definition and we wont not see time, comfortably and etc as an issue,but we feel appreciated when things are done with these kind of manner.

Information Ecology: Cultures and The Nature of Networks

Published August 29, 2012 by renesha90

Many of us will be scratching our head when ask about the history of computing. In 1900 computing was a career, the person who is tabloid numbers and information was called computer. Where else in World War2, was creating massive building size computer to figure out the enemies’ action to save the world. In the late 60’s till today we can see it has grown all the way like a wall. The idea was to create desktop computer for individual user. Today we have passed over 1 billion internet users and soon it is 1 trillion and etc. Computing is not in the computer but it’s all around us today. People are in the information. It creates a whole new industry.

Based on the journal “Open Cultures and The Nature of Networks” by Felix Stalder, the author was trying to stress that joined atmosphere (network) which is connected to information and its call nodes.  It’s a district build through the computer.  Nodes are combination of information from different sources. Its new things are introduced beyond borders. The information is free of charge and faster.

Fundamental points of Information Ecology


Nodes are like human beings there are organized with one another. Each node is connected to another node which creates a network. Computer can be a node and other device such as scanner, printer etc. Without the flow and nodes coming together there be no information flowing.


New flows of information can change everything (Postman, 1992). The interdependence of the nodes means that information can travel through the whole environment and, according to the way it is reshaped in each node, it grows or decreases in importance and speed. It simply tells us that things will change the years and we have accepted it and change for that reason. New flows can change in a good perceptive or vice versa. At the end of the day the end user has the control on how to shape it.

Time boundless

Various types of social networks are rapidly increasing in numbers such as twitter and Facebook. For example celebrities gave a new life twitter on wanting their fans to follow them. As a result , time is no more a factor in the ecological community because information is moving as quickly as human are.


In the article Stadler mention that, the difference between the node and the flow and among the nodes, is the basis upon which the flows are redirected, new connections are established and old ones maintained. Nodes are struggling and developing just like we struggling to keep ourselves update with the current trend. For example, we do not even know what Facebook is few years ago, but now we are well verse with it and even a day without facebook we feel we are backdated or left behind. Same goes with nodes they form a network to spread their information and later move on to another and another. It goes on like a cycle. We have to be careful because sometimes once a new context is established the old context be destroyed and we be empowered by it.

In a nutshell, the question is often ask, what is the beauty of internet? We can be any part of the world and at any time sharing information across the globe without actually being there. With the help of internet as a degree student we can get our group assignment done online instant of meeting up face to face with our group member.

The independence of cyberspace

Published August 26, 2012 by renesha90

A statement of the independence of cyberspace, which was written by John Perry Barlow, is a famous article on the applicability of government on the fast growing of the Internet. It was published online on February 8, 1996 in Davos Switzerland.  Its purpose was in response to the passing of the Telecommunication Act of 1996 in the United States.

The article was written in an exclusive format with 16 short paragraphs and each of the paragraphs illustrates his sadness and disloyal attitude towards the United States government towards the usage of the Internet by outside powers. Barlow thinks that the United States government does not have the right to apply any law regarding the usage of the Internet and so every country in the world does not have that kind of right to do something like that. Barlow believes that the Internet should be a tool which lets the users to create their own relationship with government in order to handle their problems based on the common and logic idea that one should treat others as one would like the same in return in a positive manner and as well one should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated which is in a negative manner.

Barlow seeks to make it sparkler clear that the governments that govern the respective nations in this world do not have the right to enforce or nor has it any jurisdiction what so ever in the global social space. The main point is that, jurisdiction of Cyberspace does not fall within its borders as the author points out. Cyberspace as it stands today is free from any form of dictatorships or politically motivated agendas and is not a tool in the game of chess that certain power hungry nations seek to indulge in.  Barlow explains that no government or organisation has ever been approached nor elected by any “leaders” or stakeholders of the global social arena. Barlow would go on to allege that through means of raising conflicting issues and throwing accusations that there is indeed trouble in Cyberspace. The author refutes these baseless accusations and makes a strong stand that its community will resolve problems in Cyberspace and that any form of government intervention is unwarranted, unwanted and not needed.

Moving on, Barlow stresses a very interesting and important point when he raises the topic of matter. The legal concepts of property, expression, identity, movement, and context all apply only to matter. In Cyberspace there is no matter, there is no physical environment; there is only a global network of human beings engaging with one another in “free airspace”. In reality, governments through its courts and policing are able to prosecute a physical being but in Cyberspace there is no physical being or environment to juristic and government intervention would lead to this barrier being broken. He stands on his own with visible and invisible audiences who might support or who might be against him.

In addition, Cyberspace is free from marginalization and racial discrimination and each and every stakeholder is treated with the same rights and privileges.  A place where freedom of speech is applied and not give people fear or any doubts when they expressing themselves. Most people on cyberspace consider themselves as ordinary human being with no extra identities, which means like they are no politicians or government staff who have the need to protect themselves and portray a good image to the public.

In conclusion, there is a fine line between social liberty and abusing the freedom given.